#Breaking: NSCN-IM & NNPGs Vowed to Work Together, CM Rio Hailed FNR

Dimapur, 14 September (This Politics): The Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) has managed to bring the two Naga rival armed groups across the table to sign an accordant named as September Joint Accordant in Dimapur, Nagaland. These two groups are known for using the same name under the banner ‘NSCN’ but they have the strongest rivalry against each other since the beginning, scathingly attack each other on daily papers on the methods regarding resolving the Naga political issue.

However, bringing all these rivalries to an end the leader of the two groups – NSCN-IM – represented by V.S. Atem, and the NNPGs represented by Alezo Venuh, they have signed a terms of agreement to ‘not’ attack each other through any form of violence or verbal accusations.

In their September Join Accordant signed today, they have agreed to adhere three points:

  • THE “CONVENANT OF RECONCIALIATION” (CoR) of June 13, 2009 – signed by the late Isak Chishi Swu, late SS Khaplang, and Brig (Retired) S. Singnya – will be honored in letter and in spirit. Hence, we renew “to work together in the spirit of love,” and desist from all forms of armed violence and refrain from indulging in violence of words through print and social media among Naga Political Groups and the general public. From this time forth, in order to chart a path forward, we remain committed to “peace and respect and to resolve outstanding issues among us” (CoR).
  • WE ARE AWARE OF OUR DIFFERENCES and hence will guard ourselves against rifts that further divide us. We are committed to finding ways to transcend our differences through cooperation, to be worked out in future meetings, on the basis of the CoR. In this regard, we understand that cooperation which is socially and politically imaginative and prudently concrete is nation building begun.
  • WE URGENTLY APPEAL TO ALL INDIVIDUALS AND ORGANIZATIONS to refrain from all forms of rhetoric, assumptions and agendas that are divisive. Such a culture must end immediately. In this regard, churches, educational institutions, civil society organizations and conscientious individuals must take the charge to lead with faithful discernment.

The FNR has been instrumental in bringing warring factions together and making peace among them despite the bitter past of violence and avenging attitude against each other. In the Naga peace process journey, this phenomena is deemed to be historic in the sense the biggest warring groups of the Naga armed factions have come to an agreement to work together despite their stark differences.

Over the news of the two groups signing an accordant, the Chief Minister of Nagaland Neiphiu Rio has tweeted hailing the Forum for Naga Reconciliation for the effort in bring the two together. It may be mentioned that Rio and his government has been tasked by Amit Shah to convince the biggest Naga group – NSCN-IM – to come to an agreement for early Naga political solution, as NSCN-IM is known for their adamant demand for separate Naga Flag and Constitution as part of Naga political solution which the NNPG group ridicule on the other hand.

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