Dimapur Police Arrested 4 Youth with Drug, Cash and Weapons


Weapons, Drugs and Cash 

Dimapur, Nov. 14: In a classic cat and mouse chase episode, Dimapur police stumbled upon a deadly haul of drugs, cash and weapon, following a series of ‘terraced investigation’.On the night of 13/11/19 a police team intercepted a scorpio vehicle(on NH 29) on suspicion of driving with fake vehicle registration plates. On interrogation of the occupants, unaccounted cash of Rs.3 lakhs 10 thousand was then detected inside the vehicle.

On subsequent enquiry a raid was conducted in 4th mile area wherein 23 packets of suspected heroin,90 sachets of yaba/party drugs tablet and one.22 calibre pistol was seized.In this connection four persons namely (1) Kangba Maram (2) Pavi Poumai (3) Sho Poumai (4) Daphru were arrested and a case has been registered in Diphupar PS for further investigation.

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