Fake News Writer Unmasked in Nagaland


Dimapur, Mar. 18: Lately, a certain fictitious news on Coronavirus made a popular headline in Nagaland which reads: “Coronavirus Finally Hits Nagaland”. This caused panic to thousands of social media users having seen the message forwarded and shared in almost every existing group. It didn’t end there but there were more fine tuned details written under the given headline. This meticulous composition of fake news alarmed people, and thusly it reached the top government official level too. Finally, Government of Nagaland issued clarification by terming it as hoax which put people to mental rest.

Accordingly, Nagaland Police cyber cell began to trace the originator of the fake news. At last, in barely three days, Nagaland Police detected the composer of the fake news. In the process of investigation, Nagaland Police said that, it summoned and interrogated 30 people who had forwarded the piece of news without properly authenticating the origin, and their statements were recorded.

That fake news is said to have been “originated through text message in WhatsApp by one Ms. Lumchano Kithan, d/o Yisao Kithan, Village – Old Changsu, Wokha and presently residing at PWD, Dimapur”, says the statement issued by Nagaland Police today. It further says in the statement, “she had composed the text message and sent the same to her friends which eventually went viral….Nagaland Police further warns that spreading of fake news/ rumors is a criminal offense.” It appeals every individual and organization to avoid relying on news spread on any other platform except when it comes from the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Nagaland.

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