Manipur Government Concedes; ATSUM Leaders Released on 3 Agreements

ATSUM, KSO and ANSAM have made three agreements with Government of Manipur

Imphal, 25 November (TP): The All Tribal Students Union Manipur (ATSUM) imposed economic blockade along the national highways of Manipur entering Imphal due to refusal of the Government of Manipur on the call of the student body to table the Autonomous District Council Bill 2021. In reaction to the Economic Blockade, the Government of Manipur arrested the leaders of the tribal students body. As a result, all tribal districts declared shutdown of government offices beginning today, as Manipur Government failed to comply to the demand of ATSUM to release its leaders by 2PM.

However, as the call for shutdown of government offices in hill districts gained momentum late afternoon today, the Biren Singh-led government yielded to demand of the students body. Resultantly, the student leaders and Biren Singh government made three agreements as basis for peace:

  1. There will be a discussion between Hill Areas Committee (HAC), Manipur Legislative Assembly and the State Government (of Manipur) within 5 (five) days time i.e., 30th November 2021 on the draft Autonomous District Council (ADC) Bill 2021.
  2. Thereafter, the draft ADC Bill 2021 shall be introduced by the Government in the upcoming Winter Assembly Session, 2021 after completing the due process of law provided under the Constitution of India.
  3. The Government shall release all the Executives of ATSUM, KSO, and ANSAM unconditionally and the ongoing economic blockade shall be suspended for the time being.

On being made this agreement, it is expected to expedite the long awaited ADC Bill 2021.

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