Myanmar’s Junta Set Thantlang Town on Fire

Thantlang town is in Chin state of Myanmar. As the military -ruled government used iron fist against the citizens, thousands people said to have fled Thantsang town a month ago; some fled to neighbouring towns and some to India.

Buildings on Fire in Thantsang Town of Chin State

Naypyidaw, 29 Oct (TP): As the military Junta tries to consolidate its power against the pro-democracy political parties, clampdown by military forces against the citizens has increased in the recent past. Resultantly, many militia group started floating in patches in many parts of Myanmar with an objective to resist the Junta military which led to the intensification of conflict between the people/militia and the government forces.

Currently, there is a news of Thantlang town set ablazed by the government forces which has led to the flee of many more residents in town. The image is reported of the incident happened last month when soldiers shot dead a Christian pastor who tried to extinguish a blaze. The images of buildings set on fire trace back to the incident that occurred during fighting between militia forces and the army last weekend, about 20 homes were set ablaze, with photographs on social media showing buildings engulfed in flames. A militia known as Chin Defence Forces is known to have involved in gun fighting agains the Junta military.

View of Thantlang Town on Fire

It is also reported that militia fighters had overrun an army base earlier in September and the military responded with air strikes, said Salai Thang, a community leader, who said four civilians had been killed and 15 wounded in recent weeks. “The murder of a Baptist minister and bombing of homes in Thantlang, Chin State are the latest examples of the living hell being delivered daily by junta forces against the people of Myanmar,” Thomas Andrews, U.N. special rapporteur on human rights in Myanmar, said in a message on Twitter last month.

What is Myanmar Military Junta?

Juntas, like military dictatorships, are often the result of military coups. “Junta” literally means “union” and often refers to the army, navy and air force commanders taking over the power of the president, prime minister, king or other non-military leader.

Who is the leader of Myanmar Military?

Gen Min Aung Hlaing led the Myanmar military goverment which was started through a coup in February 2020. After ousting the democratically elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi, he has been a prominent figure in the armed forces currently.

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