Hebron Camp of the NSCN IM

Dimapur, Dec., 7: In a fresh press release issued by the MIP of the NSCN IM, it affirms the political statesmanship and insight of their chief negotiator Th. Muivah as the only reality that matters “for bringing an honorable and acceptable solution to the Indo-Naga issue.” Failing to understand that reality Nagas are bound to be used and exploited by forces that works against the interest of the Nagas, the MIP says.

The MIP mentioned that the President of NPGN/NNC (NA) Mr. T. Ovung has addressed a “letter to the hon’ble Ato Kilonser and Chief Negotiator Mr. Th. Muivah to convey to him that NPGN/NNC (NA) has abrogated its association with the WC of NNPGs and taken the stand to support the historic Framework Agreement signed on 3rd August, 2015 in New Delhi between the Government of India and National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN). Going further, he requested the Ato Kilonser that this matter be taken seriously and include NPGN/NNC (NA) in the settlement of Naga political issue.”

To this, the NSCN IM praised the President of the NPGN/NNC (NA) for having taken the right decision for the righteous cause of the Nagas and further welcomed and acknowledged him and his group to NSCN IM fold.

WC NNPG was a conglomeration of the 7 NNGP groups. But this abrogation of association will reduce the WC NNPGs to 6 groups now.

The MIP expressed further that for Nagas there is no other occasion that comes more important than the ongoing Naga political talk for which there is a necessity to understand together.


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