“NPP Will Not be Part of Government”, Says Biren Singh

N Biren Singh, Chief Minister of Manipur

Imphal, March 10 (This Politics): Chief Minister of Manipur, N Biren Singh, mustered all his confidence and stated that NPP will not be part of his government. When asked by a reported on today toward the end of the vote counting on whether NPP will be part of the coalition, he replied, “I don’t think NPP will be part.”

But on NPF (Naga People’s Front), he said that their terms for coalition with the NPF will not be harmed, which means they will form the government along with NPF.

NPP and BJP have been journeying together on a thorny road, politically incompatible and rival. Today’s BJP’s performance has given an answer to the Biren Singh goverment to finally oust from the government.

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