NSCN IM Offers Olive Branch to All Other Naga Factions for Final Solution

Naga Groups Leaders on Reconciliation Day in Dimapur

Hebron, Nov. 7: In a press statement made by the Ministry of Information and Publicity, GPRN, it says “taking account of the assurance and commitment of the GoI on the issues of Naga national flag and Constitution to resolving them at the earliest time, the two parties have mutually agreed upon to go for final touch on the agreed competencies for conclusion.”
It says, “the Government of India is prepared to make final agreement with the NSCN on the basis of the Framework Agreement, all Nagas should be equally prepared.”
Most importantly, it states “NSCN, with open heart, appeals and invites all our brothers and sisters in different groups to get on board the bus of ´Framework Agreement´ and be a part of the final solution in the greater interests of the people and peace and progress in the land.”
NSCN IM also says that they have forgiven the past mistakes of their brothers and sisters in different camps and urged others that they should also give NSCN IM´s past mistakes and be truly reconciled “in the gracious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.”
The statement finally appeals the Nagas, far and near, that this is the right time for unity as the historic task ahead for Nagas is indispensable, so that Nagas move forward together to the new era and together Naga people will build a land flowing with milk and honey and together Naga people will be nation that trust in the Lord.


  • Great news..let unity begin.

  • Kurangheung newme

    Worth reading may our lord God hear the Naga’s desire, and bring peace upon the Naga nation

  • Naga brothers should erase the ill feeling towards one another n unite for everlasting peace among us.

  • Please. …all fractions…if we want our Land back to us.we need to think again’…is not uniting each group is a mandatory?no need to teach….it’s a logic.knowing our disunity GOI playing hide n sick… UNITY is the only solution to march Forward… Kuknalim…Who is perfect!in this world? remember Jesus said..”be like child”

  • I believe to enjoy real freedom and to prosper as a nation we first need healing from all the bitterness and pain of the past. And the only road is forgiveness!

  • Forgiving is something only the strong and courageous minds could handle and thus i believe we Nagas are being brave and courage by nature and filled with love and kindness within.
    Let the unison of the people to live as one begin.
    Long live my Nagaland.

  • Invitation for enduring peace through FrameWork Agreement to all living Nagas is a wise decision on the part of Nagas leaders. Accepting the call for peace by all Nagas young and old, males and females who are in Nagalim and who are outside of it will be another wise decision on the part of Nagas.

    Long live Nagas

    In Christ Jesus
    K G Jesse

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