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  • I am so inspired to be reading this message from Uncle Niketu Iralu. Clarity and straight forward is what I know of this great man.

  • India just try to make the people of NE to forget his long independent by giving huge packetage, but that can’t be fulfill to the heart of peoples. the legitemate right of NE can not solve by any matterial.

  • According to the document of Manipur can claim that Manipur was a sovereign state. the people of Manipur should have the right to claim it without doubtfull. so be brave to be claim more than Dr. Sarmarjit and Biren

  • Great news..let unity begin.

  • Kurangheung newme

    Worth reading may our lord God hear the Naga’s desire, and bring peace upon the Naga nation

  • Naga brothers should erase the ill feeling towards one another n unite for everlasting peace among us.

  • Please. …all fractions…if we want our Land back to us.we need to think again’…is not uniting each group is a mandatory?no need to teach….it’s a logic.knowing our disunity GOI playing hide n sick… UNITY is the only solution to march Forward… Kuknalim…Who is perfect!in this world? remember Jesus said..”be like child”

  • I believe to enjoy real freedom and to prosper as a nation we first need healing from all the bitterness and pain of the past. And the only road is forgiveness!

  • Forgiving is something only the strong and courageous minds could handle and thus i believe we Nagas are being brave and courage by nature and filled with love and kindness within.
    Let the unison of the people to live as one begin.
    Long live my Nagaland.

  • Invitation for enduring peace through FrameWork Agreement to all living Nagas is a wise decision on the part of Nagas leaders. Accepting the call for peace by all Nagas young and old, males and females who are in Nagalim and who are outside of it will be another wise decision on the part of Nagas.

    Long live Nagas

    In Christ Jesus
    K G Jesse

  • Its good for india and the state as well but don’t create buissenes politics on it because all of us visit everywhere and lost lots of money there again if we have to pay of that its bad…
    Govt. Make rules and regulations but please think for our pockets as well…

  • Well said. Threats of CAB is more dangerous but Meetei missed the woods while focussing on the forest.

  • Why do meitei,naga and kukis needs to unite and fight against CAB?

  • She pinpoint it and it’s the bitter truth….
    She does not spread hatred she meant to say how one community and the other is like… And that they can’t be separated
    Arrest???? 😠😠😠😠

    • Gaikhanlung Panmei

      If you can’t find any hatred speech on her script or the words she spoke than you are mental patient n you will be in mental hospital with chongloi or kongloi soon

    • She is demanding for another Kuki black day

    • She spread hatred dude…. There is only three tribe in zeliangrong…she is full of lies and shit…

  • Get your facts right First. This will only spread more hatred. FYI she was not talking about only Paite. She took a turn to lash out on her own tribe ‘thadou’ as well.

  • Watch carefully ?
    I really shock when she was in helpless, by the grace of God she was choosen by Our Lord to protect us . She bring we Chin Kuki Mizo were re-unite again .
    So she should be reward a NoblePrize.

    • Ecclesiastes 7:17

      Be not overly wicked, neither be a fool. Why should you die before your time?

      1 Corinthians 6:19-20

      Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.

    • Ningleishang Shimrei


    • Noble prize lol….
      She is not Noble…. This speech is a shame. … She didn’t know anything about zeliangrong….

  • My opinion,with such authority as she spoke..there might be or say there is truth attached some where or some how along the line.

  • When did Rishang gave this comment? Rishang was also signatory of Naga integration on 27 may 2005, early he was an initiator of UNIC 4 Aug 1972.

  • It is a good gesture to apologise for being misquoted. However, solution with or without integration is not the concern of Mr. Lohe. May be, he can share his opinion but he cannot say that solution should be without integration. If it is the will of the people, so be it.

  • It is a good gesture to apologise for misquoting late Yangmaso Shaiza. However, solution with or without integration is not the concern of Mr. Lohe. May be, he can share his opinion but he cannot say that solution should be without integration. If it is the will of the people, so be it.

  • He should apologize.

  • ENPO has taken the right decision not for it’s own interest but for the general interest of the Nagas. Pray to stand firm and be the doer of your resolutions. Resolutions are made not to be broken but to respect and uphold it. Nagas often make resolutions not to be executed but to be broken.

  • This is such an important step. Small step but one at a time.

  • It’s good to continue , continuing the festivals does not meant that government don’t support.

  • Pongshing Konya k

    We stand with Konyak Union

  • I stand with my konyak nagas

  • Pongshing Konya k

    Still Nagas are finding difficulties to know the actual meaning of solution….