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Opposition-less Government in Nagaland: Favorable or Dangerous?

while 7-decades long Naga political issue is important and worth pursuing with everything to pay attention to, one is not sure how setting up of opposition-less government will help the process in anyway. Only time will tell us how favorable this undemocratic action is for the Naga political solution in the long run. Currently, Nagaland Assembly has no party desirous Read more

JLF (Nagaland) Adopted 6 Resolutions for Acceptable Naga Solution

Dimapur, Nov. 13: The Joint Legislators Forum on Naga political issue, comprised of Nagaland Legislative Assembly members across party lines, held a consultative meeting today at Chumukedima Police Complex in Dimapur. This meeting happened after the incessant complaints put up by the NPF Party charging the ruling PDA Government of Nagaland for deliberately not calling for a consultative meeting. In Read more

READ: Latest Interview with Niketu Iralu on Naga Issue

An exclusive interview with Mr. Iralu at the time when misunderstanding and divisions are enormously rampant more than ever in the Naga society vis-a-vis the neighbouring communities like the Meiteis, the Kukis and the Assamese. Youngsters are angry, confused and directionless in the absence of model leaders but the thoughts of this Naga peace icon, Mr. Iralu, are worth pondering Read more

Two Manipuris in London Declare Manipur’s Independence

Imphal, Oct. 30: Two native Manipuris – Yamben Biren & Narengbam Samarjit- held a press conference with a title “Announcement of Declaration of Independence of Manipur from India” on October 29, 2019 in London. According to them, they are forming Manipur State Council ‘a government in exile’ as a representatives of Manipur King Leishemba Sanajaoba. In the press conference, they Read more