Take Back Your Rs. 18,30000 (18 Lacs), Won’t Accept Until AFSPA is Repealed: Oting Village to Government

People of Mon during the funeral of 14 Naga Killed

Kohima, 12 December (TP): The Village Council of Oting village where 14 Naga coalminers were brutally killed has furnished a clarification letter on the money the parents of the victims had received few days back. The photo of the victim families receiving a sum on money in the envelope handed over by Paiwang Konyak, Minister for Transport, Civil Aviation, Railways & Land Resources, on behalf of the Nagaland Govt. was circulated on social media. Several social media users expressed disappointment with the victim families for accepting the money before justice is delivered. What was circulated on social media was the screenshot of Minister Paiwang Konyak’s tweet with a photo in a caption that reads: “State Govt grants ex-gratia to the victims of the tragic incident at Oting Tiru where lives were lost and injured many…”

In their clarification letter, the Oting Village Council has stated that “it was on 5th December 2021 (Sunday), when we the people Oting were busy facing and struggling with the crucial period of time with post mortem, Konyak Union meeting, funeral arrangement, receiving guests etc. This envelope containing an amount of Rs. 18,30000 (Eighteen Lakh Thirty Thousand only) was brought before the Village Council by our Minister (Paiwang Konyak) and Deputy Commissioner, Mon. The Village Council Oting assumed (it) as a token of love and gift from the Honorable Minister Shri. Paiwang Konyak 41 A/C Tizit. But after knowing the fact that it was an advance payment or installment of an ex-gratia from the state government for the victim’s family and injured person.”

The Oting Village Council claims that they thought it was more of a consolation gift so they went ahead and accepted it but now on learning from tweet of Minister, they are giving the money back.

The Village Council further added that they will not receive any monetary grant until and unless the culprits of 21 Para Commandos of the Indian Armed Forces are brought to justice before the Civil Code of Law and repeal Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) from the entire northeastern region of India.

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