“Vacate 27 Assam Rifle from Konyak Soil”, Konyak Union Demands

Mon, 6 December (TP): As per the press release issued by the Konyak Union, the apex civil body of the Konyak Naga tribe, the body has sternly condemned the brutal killing by calling it as “well calculated attempt on the innocent civilian and the incident cannot be termed as mistaken identity at all.” The letter says, “the Konyak Union therefore demands the following remedial action and logical conclusion to His Excellency, The President of India to take necessary steps at the earliest.”

Naga Tribesmen in Warrior Cultural Attire

The Konyak Union has adopted 5-points demands for the President of India to deliver at the earliest.

  1. INVESTIGATION: Independent inquiry under competent investigating agency to be immediately set up and two members from the Naga civil society must be inducted in the special investigating team.
  2. EXECUTION OF LAW THROUGH JUDICIAL SYSTEM: to identify all military forcesor army personnel involved in the incident and book and punish under applicable civil court.
  3. DELIVERANCE OF JUSTICE: Action taken against those erring official (s) at Oting Yatong Massacre must be put into public domain within 30 days.
  4. VACATE 27 ASSAM RIFLE FROM KONYAK SOIL: 27 Assam Rifle must immediately vacate Mon district on moral ground for failing to provide security to its citizen whereby the military forces from other State had intruded and committed the Oting Massacre on 4th Dec., 2021.
  5. REPEAL AFSPA: To immediately repeal AFSPA from the entire North Eastern Region.


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