“We Will not get Flag & Consitution”, Imna Along Denounced NSCN-IM’s Demands

Temjen Imna Along, Nagaland BJP President

Kohima, March 22 (This Politics): Temjen Imna Along, the State BJP President debated in the Legislative Assembly session today on Naga political issue and the upcoming Nagaland election. On NSCN (IM)’s demand of Naga Flag and Naga Constitution, he questioned the house, “the government of India is under the constitution of India and flag of India, how can it give beyond that constitution and flag, and give us a separate constitution and a flag? They are not going to agree, we know that”. He then added the word of Amit Shah on the Naga’s demand of flag and constitution by saying “when we met hon’ble HM Amit Shahji, in the presence of our H’ble leader of the house CM Shri Neiphiu Rio was also there. H’ble Minister Amit Shah ji said “Charso saal mein nahi hoga (it won’t happen even in 400 years)”, then how do we know (that Nagas will get separate flag and constitution)?”

He reminded of the conclusion of Indo-Naga talk as claimed by RN Ravi, the then Interlocutor for Naga peace talk, that “2019 31st of October, all the Naga people came to know that the talks have concluded; both from the GoI side and both from the NSCN (IM) side. The NNPG groups have come to an understanding in principle on the agreed position with GoI”.

Setting his eyes to the upcoming Nagaland Legislative Assembly election 2023, Temjen Imna heavily came down on the previous involvement of Naga civil societies in the demand for Naga solution before the election, he emphasized that “now we are also talking about the previous slogan before the election campaign on 2018 ‘Election for Solution’. We need to know this if the talks have concluded then why is settlement not coming? Not that at all costs we want to sit in the chair, No. (But) do we keep the representation of the people of Nagaland empty because they don’t want to have solution now? Do we keep the aspiration of the Nagas of Nagaland, the 17 tribes of Nagaland in wilderness? We will fight our election whether they like it or not, it is under the constitution of India. And we will represent our people and speak to the Government of India and speak to the insurgency and to the Naga political leaders and share our thoughts. So election for solution or solution for election is not the criteria. The criteria is this vexed political issue should come to an understanding… so that our people can live in peace, prosperity and see good governance and also allow our people to grow together with the nations of the world.”

Imna Along further stated that “just a few days ago, the leader of the UDA (Neiphiu Rio), as the Chairman, was warned to keep quiet (not clear to whom he was referring to), they have already agreed upon whatever is to be agreed, so who are you to facilitate or something like that? So let us keep quiet and see. Without any personal affiliation to any group, anyone of us, none of us has personal affiliation, yes we have our relatives, our family members and our people in the groups. None of us are more patriotic than others, everyone of us are Nagas, and today we are here”.

Imna Along boldly declared in the session that he knows Nagas will never get flag and constitution. He reiterated on the attaining of separate flag and constitution by saying “we know that, and all of us here, that we will not get the Constitution and Flag. So for all the senior leaders that are here, I know you all are very experienced, kindly speak sense to them (the NSCN-IM) and let’s go for our solution (solution that was concluded by RN Ravi on 31st October 2019)”. The Minister further predicted and warned the Nagaland lawmakers, “because, mark my words, six months from now or seven months from now on if solution does not arrive, all the civil societies and pressure groups will come in again ‘solution first then election’ and the drama will start”.

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