READ: Will Biren Singh Arrest Lamneimoi Chongloi for Her Communal Hate Speech?

Winner of Kut Beauty Contest 2014, Lamneimoi Chongloi is seen delivering a communally charged and factually controversial speech in Mizoram. Her speech video has gone viral on social media and has invited condemnations and trolls from social media users. She has described herself on her social media account as Flight Attendant, Inflight Services at Indigo Airlines.

One sharp negative reaction to her speech was made by Lian Samte, a Manipur native living in Kolkata, where he says – “I reiterate, my rejoinder is not motivated by this fact. Had you slighted any other communal group, I would have taken the same strong objection for the unpalatable and insensitive nature of such partisan speeches. Such speeches are called hate-speech and usually have sinister motives. I hope you are not aware of that. Nobody, not even the most seasoned politicians, ever spoke so pinpointedly against sections of people unless they mean to drum up hatred and call for discord. I mean, except Hitler, Malcolm X and their ilk. If this is the way a God-having person/tribe calls for unity, I better prefer to have no God and sue for a pacifying peace.

To simple me, a winner of a beauty pageant is a beauty with brains. Not only is she charming and charismatic but the very epitome of compassion and tenderness. I believe she would make no negative impressions even when she is provoked or her own sentiment is hurt. She is strong and level-headed. Even if she were to express her disappointment, I believe she would measure her words carefully and choose the most empathetic ones. If somebody tries to drag her into controversy, her inherent wisdom would steer her clear and maintain her impartial dignity to endear herself to one and all. For, the essence of beauty is humility and humanity.

As such is the fantasy, I was deeply shocked when I saw a video clip on Facebook the other day, a public speech you’ve made, in which you took a harsh dig at the Paite brothers with political and communal overtones. You, I believe, are invited to speak not for your personal credentials but solely as a former beauty queen and your recent activism in the national capital.” 

Manipur Government under Biren Singh has a record of arresting individuals who indulge in hate speeches that target certain community or party. Although the constitution of India guarantees freedom of speech and expression, Biren government wants to make sure no individual targets any community on false allegations. Manipur state being comprised of different tribes and communities, the state government fears of any disturbance to communal harmony as it usually becomes uncontrollable once it gets spiraled up.

The state arrested individuals like TV Journalist Kishorchandra Wangkhemcha for criticizing the BJP Party and BJP-led Manipur Government, also Facebook Vlogger Puanthanah Gangmei who extensively talks on why Meiteis should not provoke the Nagas in Manipur.

Now the question that remains is: will the Government of Manipur arrest Lamneimoi Chongloi for openly uttering a communally colored speech that has not gone down well for the Nagas and various tribes in the fold of Kuki-Chin in Manipur or let her go free for not speaking anything against the Meiteis?

Watch her viral video below:


  • She pinpoint it and it’s the bitter truth….
    She does not spread hatred she meant to say how one community and the other is like… And that they can’t be separated
    Arrest???? 😠😠😠😠

    • Gaikhanlung Panmei

      If you can’t find any hatred speech on her script or the words she spoke than you are mental patient n you will be in mental hospital with chongloi or kongloi soon

    • She is demanding for another Kuki black day

    • She spread hatred dude…. There is only three tribe in zeliangrong…she is full of lies and shit…

  • Get your facts right First. This will only spread more hatred. FYI she was not talking about only Paite. She took a turn to lash out on her own tribe ‘thadou’ as well.

  • Watch carefully ?
    I really shock when she was in helpless, by the grace of God she was choosen by Our Lord to protect us . She bring we Chin Kuki Mizo were re-unite again .
    So she should be reward a NoblePrize.

    • Ecclesiastes 7:17

      Be not overly wicked, neither be a fool. Why should you die before your time?

      1 Corinthians 6:19-20

      Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.

    • Ningleishang Shimrei


    • Noble prize lol….
      She is not Noble…. This speech is a shame. … She didn’t know anything about zeliangrong….

  • My opinion,with such authority as she spoke..there might be or say there is truth attached some where or some how along the line.

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